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Pastor Trevor Coyne has been in the ministry since 2015, serving under the previous pastor Jeff O'Brien. Trevor got saved and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ while in the Marine Corps in 2013. Sitting in a Bible Conference in March of 2015 he felt stirred to do something for God, "if not me, who? if not now, when?"... This didn't come to pass overnight, but many years of decisions for God, obeying His will, and serving in the church alongside his Pastor prepared him for the task at hand. 

"Discipleship is caught not taught," and Pastor O'Brien stated recently that Pastor Trevor caught it. Serving the people, preaching the Gospel, and loving his wife, three key areas that have developed the man for the job. While consistent study, prayer, and his testimony before the people have proved him before God and man.

The new leadership empowered with the Holy Ghost is ready to see what God will do for our city and beyond.

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